Price List


Bronze Valet small £60 - medium - £65 - large £70


  • Citrus pre-wash applied to the vehicle (this helps remove any lose dirt)

  • Vehicle rinsed.

  • Snow foam applied over the vehicle.

  • Vehicle rinsed.

  • Vehicle hand washed using lambswool mitts with a professional shampoo.

  • Wheels cleaned with acid free wheel cleaner.

  • Exterior bodywork dried using microfibre drying towels.

  • Bodywork hand polished using a choice of high end polishes.

  • Tyres dressed.

  • Mats/seats/carpets vacuumed.

  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned.

  • Dashboard vinyl and plastics cleaned and dressed.

  • Deodorised.

Gold Valet small £100 - medium - £110 - large £120

  • Citrus pre-wash applied to the vehicle (this helps remove any lose dirt)

  • Wheels cleaned using Acid free wheel cleaner.

  • Snow foam applied to vehicle.

  • Door/boot shuts cleaned.

  • Tar spots removed.

  • Vehicle rinsed to remove dirt.

  • Shampooed using the two bucket method and lamb’s wool wash mitt.

  • Wheel arches cleaned and degreased.

  • Whole vehicle rinsed.

  • Vehicle dried using waffle weave drying towels.

  • Tyre dressing applied for that show room appearance.

  • External and interior windows and mirrors cleaned.

  • Bodywork hand polished using a choice of high end polishes.

  • Floor mats, carpets, fabric seats and boot area vacuumed and shampooed.

  • leather treatment is applied if necessary.

  • All interior plastics and fabric is steam cleaned.

  • All plastics/vinyl dressed.

  • All external plastics are dressed.

  • Deodorised.




    Monthly Valets avalible from £30 per month please call for more information


Valet Extras

Interior Valet - from £50 (time needed 2hrs)

Interior of vehicle vacuumed, the carpet area, matts and seats are then shampooed using an upholstery cleaning machine to ensure your vehicle is left looking as new and dry. The interior is then steam cleaned, all vinyl/plastics are cleaned and dressed. All glass is cleaned. Air freshener applied.


Protection Upgrade - from £25

You can upgrade and get your fabrics treated with a fabric guard this will protect them from spillages and heavy soiling.

Protect your paintwork with an upgrade of a choice of high end wax.


Leather Seats Clean & Condition - from £45

Using Autoglym Leather Cleaner your seats will be cleaned getting rid of Dirt markings. Once cleaned your seats will then be conditioned with Autoglym Conditioner and protector leaving them feeling, looking and smelling like new. 



Clay Bar Treatment - from £40 

The clay bar safely removes bonded contaminants such as tree sap, paint overspray etc and makes your paintwork as smooth as glass  



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